Non-Recreational Drugs are Bad, mmmkay?
Posted under Drugs by tom on Monday December 29 2003 @ 12:29AM PST
This month has brought to my attention two seperate cases supporting my long-standing belief that taking drugs for headaches isn't worth it.

First: It seems that what I have always said is now the scientific consensus. I.e. popping a pill when you get a headache makes you more suseptible to headaches in the future. Google for "rebound headache"

second: If you are pregnant or likely to get pregnant a preliminary study found that there is an 80% increase in the rates of birth defects if the mother takes Aspirin or (non-steroidal) anti-inflamitory drugs. (The majority of what is taken for headaches). Particularly if taken near conception or over a long period of time.

So listen up kids, Just say no to non-recreational drugs.

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