23 year old female teacher charged with having sex with her 14 year old student
Posted under sex by notme on Tuesday June 29 2004 @ 05:22PM PDT
This is the kind of moral decay that really ticks me off...
What kind of a scumbag has sex with a hot teacher and then rats her out?
It is despicable enough to kiss and testify, but does this kid have no concern for the younger children? What about the next batch of students? and the next!? Hell, this teacher is only 23, she is going to be hot for at least another 10 years or so...


wedding picts of her and her hubby: http://www.mjmorningshow.com/morning_DebraPics2.html
good link + police report: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/0628042teach1.html


In all seriousness, The only people who should be punished are the undeserving twit of a child and his jealous cousin who rolled over on this little girl from cherry lane.

The only person harmed was the husband, and I'd bet he would rather have not suffered the further humiliation of national attention that is the result of this prosecution.


Now, I don't expect this from any of my readers, but before someone goes and makes the brilliant observation that I have a double standard, let me just answer in advance:

1.) no, I have (at least) a triple standard. One for males, one for females, and one for females who are related to me.

2.) I would be loath to jail anyone for consensual sex, regardless of the particular combo. The lack of harm, though, is not so obvious in all cases as it is in this one.

3.) If you really think this teacher harmed this "child" then you might want to consider the possibility that you are an idiot. (and/or a religious nut).


Finally, it is not unreasonable to have a prohibition against sleeping with students. However this should result in the woman being fired, not jailed.

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