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    Friday August 28 2015 @ 10:35AM PDT
    Posted under funny by me (204.153.195.---)


    Monday October 17 2011 @ 01:50PM PDT
    don't worry comrad. We'll tell you if you are violating the law.
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by me (66.211.104.---)


    read more
    Last modified: Thursday October 31 2013 @ 10:58PM PDT

    Tuesday October 11 2011 @ 02:41PM PDT
    Posted under General by me (66.211.104.---)

    I should create a vanity or "pride" topic.

    Anyway, It's hard to find a good, trustworthy charity to give to. At least, when you are as skeptical and untrusting as me. I.e. when one understands that, in the words of T.S. Elliott,

    [At least] "Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don't mean to do harm -- but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves"

    So I've decided to list a couple that I like. In ascending order:

    1) American Refugee Committee. (though I get a lot of paper mail from them despite requests not to send). They have good ratings on the charity watch site and seem to be a good .org.

    2) Water for People. I really like these guys. They take NO government money and have a very smart/reasonable approach to giving. (Standard "teach a man to fish" stuff, but also a basic understanding that people value things they have worked for more than things they are just given). give today:

    Monday June 27 2011 @ 06:24PM PDT
    TerrorBall and the politics of cowardice. Nice.
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by me (66.211.104.---)

    TerrorBall and The politics of Cowardice. Nice.

    Friday May 20 2011 @ 06:01PM PDT
    "it looks that way"
    Posted under Drugs by me (66.211.104.---)


    Thursday July 01 2010 @ 11:20AM PDT
    When A libertarian tells you not to Privatize...
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by me (66.211.104.---)

    Think privatizing the Jails is a good idea?

    How's this for an argument against:


    Wednesday December 16 2009 @ 10:11PM PST
    no hope for health care
    Posted under Drugs by me (76.203.127.---)

    drugs Is Boxer so stupid that she doesn't understand that these amendments are opposed to one another? Or is she owned (like the rest of the Senators pretending to be afraid of drugs reimported from Canada) by the pharmaceutical industry and just tyring to hide it? ("Hey, I voted for that amendment"!)

    Hey, 19 Billion in government savings and untold billions in U.S. Citizen savings, that's not important right, not compared to the terrible risk that comes from getting drugs made in.... oh wait, they are made here.

    Scumbags and Morons. They can't get the simplest, most obvious cases right, and yet you have hope for them fixing the entirety of health care.

    I'm afraid there is no hope on that front.


    Monday June 15 2009 @ 11:30PM PDT
    Failed State Next Door.
    Posted under Drugs by me (76.204.177.---)

    drugs or legalization. Doesn't seem like a tough choice, but we will clearly not be picking correctly.

    Thursday February 12 2009 @ 03:55PM PST
    Rats don't like drugs as much as previous studies suggest
    Posted under Drugs by me (64.164.31.---)

    drugs At least according to this study, which seems to have been well done: Rats that aren't in such bad environments actually don't like narcotics at all:

    Tuesday September 30 2008 @ 08:16PM PDT
    raid map
    Posted under Drugs by me (68.183.197.---)


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