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    Friday December 05 2003 @ 10:40PM PST
    Prohibition Repealed!
    Posted under Drugs by tom (10.1.1.---)

    drugs Merry Prohibition Repeal day. (I almost missed it!)

    Read the new york times article and the "related headlines" from 70 years ago, they're interesting:


    Wednesday December 03 2003 @ 02:18PM PST

    Posted under Drugs by tom (10.1.1.---)

    drugs "Never attribut to malice, that which can as easily be explained by stupidity", is a truism i'm very fond of.

    However, it certainly doesn't hold for greed. In fact, i'd say you are safe to not attibute to stupidity that which can just as well be explained by greed. (Though it's not like they are mutually exclusive)

    Research on Ecstasy Is Clouded by Errors [...]

    Tuesday September 10 2002 @ 07:43PM PDT
    The way it is.
    Posted under Drugs by tom (10.1.1.---)

    drugs Hmm, one would think I get all my drug news from the L.P., but it's just that they seem to have made it their #1 (only?) issue. This mesg. isn't really about drugs though, it is about privilege and hypocrisy. The point that the INCREDIBLY STUPID movie _Traffic_ missed, and one of the (many) reasons i hated it so much. Not only was it trite, predictable and preachy, it also failed miserably in regards to its much touted "realism"; in reality rich/politico kids end up well protected from both the police and drug-lord/pimps. [...]

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    Last modified: Wednesday February 15 2006 @ 04:31AM PST

    Wednesday May 29 2002 @ 08:42PM PDT
    Anti-drug commercials encourage drug use according to the L.P.
    Posted under Drugs by tom (10.1.1.---)

    drugs Libertarian Party political director Ron Crickenberger makes the (not terribly surprising) claim that anti-drug advert.s are likely to actually INCREASE drug use among children. Of course the 1 billion wasted on this program is still only about 1/2 a percent of what we will now be spending on Farm subsidies. -tec [...]

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    Last modified: Wednesday September 11 2002 @ 09:54AM PDT

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