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    Thursday January 13 2005 @ 06:55PM PST
    Don't Hate Satan
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by tom (64.164.31.---)

    Thursday June 03 2004 @ 03:35PM PDT
    Everyone is a moron
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by Nate (146.27.122.---)

    This makes me almost embarassed to be a Cal grad.


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    Last modified: Friday August 13 2004 @ 07:47PM PDT

    Monday May 03 2004 @ 01:56PM PDT
    WTO tells US to stop stealing my 30 bucks and giving it to Cotton Farming Corporations
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by tom (10.1.1.---)

    O.k. Not exactly, but close:

    The WTO ruled that the US cotton subsidies encouraged over-production and "dumping".

    For a back story see below

    It is amusing that John Birchers and other conservative anti-(world)-government and anti-tax-and-spend types like me owe a debt of thanks to the WTO for at least TRYING (the US will probably appeal) to stop one of the more egregious wastes of U.S. taxpayer money. As does the rest of the world.

    If you haven't read my original post below already you really should.


    Sunday April 04 2004 @ 06:14PM PDT

    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by tom (10.1.1.---)

    Saturday March 20 2004 @ 02:43PM PST
    Scholarship for whites
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by nate (64.169.160.---)

    These guys are awesome. [...]

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    Last modified: Monday March 22 2004 @ 04:31PM PST

    Thursday February 12 2004 @ 01:50PM PST
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by Nate (162.93.14.---)

    what exactly is the controversy over reproductive cloning?


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    Last modified: Monday March 01 2004 @ 02:01PM PST

    Sunday February 08 2004 @ 01:52AM PST
    Use a fake email address, Spend 7 years in prison
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by (10.1.1.---)

    O.k., I try not to put too much computer-geek stuff on this site, but this is an exception...

    Have you ever given a fake physical or E mail address to a registrar when registering a domain name?

    I have.

    Some dumb ass congressman from Texas thinks [...]

    Monday January 05 2004 @ 12:27AM PST
    Revenge is Sour
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by tom (10.1.1.---)

    The following essay was written by George Orwell after WWII, it is remarkably apropos to the capture of Saddam.

    Tuesday December 30 2003 @ 05:48PM PST
    sitting in high cotton
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by tom (10.1.1.---)

    Arguably the single biggest waste of taxpayer money is farm subsidies. These subsidies enumerated in the much discussed "farm bill" amount to ~100 Billion dollars.

    Recently The Economist has reported that one [...]

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    Last modified: Thursday February 12 2004 @ 02:16PM PST

    Sunday December 21 2003 @ 07:50PM PST
    we've come a long way from Wickard v. Filburn
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by tom (10.1.1.---)

    You have to be an idiot or a lawyer to think that the interstate commerce clause gives congress constitutional authority to legislate regarding domestic violence.


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