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    double speak of the weird
    Posted under General by tom on Monday September 22 2003 @ 09:11AM PDT (buh, this link is no longer good try the next one...)

    They "rescued" 130 cats from an abandoned house. Owner died in 1997 but the owner's "adult son" had been returning to feed the cats. Now, obviously the city needs to do something, but why do they have to call it a "rescue".? I mean, does anyone actually believe they are going to find homes for 130 cats. No, they are going to kill them. But of course the article doesn't SAY that, it says they have been taken to an "animal control facility until authorities can figure out what to do with them." Umm, correct me if i'm wrong here but i'm pretty damn certain that "authorities" know JUST what to do with them, they do it every day.

    ahh, well this goes to show, i think, that even double-speak can rarely be attributed to malice.

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