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    What's So Great About the _Gilmore Girls_?
    Posted under Sloth by notme on Sunday January 18 2004 @ 10:10PM PST
    What's so great about the _Gilmore Girls_?

    Let me tell you.

    It's not just the patter. Patter is great, don't get me wrong. The fast paced, reference laden, sarcastic back and forth that I am always such a sucker for is certainly the first thing that I liked about the show and what kept me watching. (well, that and the cute female leads :)

    But I realized the other day that it is not just, or even primarily, the "patter". I enjoy _Gilmore Girls_ much more than I ever enjoyed _Sports Night_ which is, if anything, a much more patter driven show.

    But what is really great is simply the attitude.

    _Gilmore Girls_ is an anathema to all the _party of five_, _Dawson's creek_, melodramatic Crap out there. All these shows that I hate, I hate for the same reason, and it isn't the bad acting; it isn't the tired dialog and it isn't the contrived and unbelievable plots (though these certainly don't help). It is simply the melodrama. I don't know why i am so sensitive to it, but if there is one thing i can't stand it is people on tv acting like the world is going to end (but never quickly, always plenty of time to devote to it) because it turns out their boyfriend of two weeks kissed.. oh who gives a shit anyway.

    _Gilmore Girls_ has exactly the opposite take. No matter what is happening, at least one of the two leads is always there to make light of it. If the world really WAS about to end, No doubt Lorelai have some lighthearted quips...

    Lorelai: O.k. What we need to do is.. Someone call superman, have him fly around the world real fast, reverse time, then we'll fix what needs to be fixed and everything will be fine.

    Rory: Mom, this is serious.

    Lorelai: You don't think I take Superman seriously? Let me tell you, Superman is very serious. [beat then quasi-under her breath] Not like Aquaman ...

    And, as the world ended, everyone would be smiling in glow of a shared pop-culture reference or two. (had to make these easy to get, the world is ending, we won't get another chance; we can't afford to have too many people miss the reference).

    Now that's entertainment.

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