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    Everyone is a moron
    Posted under politics (my fav. vice) by Nate on Thursday June 03 2004 @ 03:35PM PDT

    Although I generally sympathize with Palestine's cause (but not the methods of Hamas obviously), my favorite character from this article is the so-called "neo-zionist", Pipes. The article's account of his campus appearance makes the whole student body look like a bunch of donkeys. (My second favorite part is the kid who uses the term "Islamophobe", apparently in all seriousness).

    I generally have a lower opinion than most about the stupidity of others, but even I was a little shocked by what this article portrayed.

    How hard is it for these supposedly intelligent kids to understand that being opposed to a nation-state's policies or actions is NOT the same as bigotry? This country is amazing. You can't criticize a black man without being called a racist and apparently you can't criticize Israel without being called an anti-semite.

    And on the other side of the coin, where do all these morons come from who suddenly hate and attack rich Orange County Jewish kids on account of Ariel Sharon's special forces deployments?

    Good god, I'm losing all hope for mankind. And my reserves were low to begin with.


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