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    no hope for health care
    Posted under Drugs by me on Wednesday December 16 2009 @ 10:11PM PST
    Is Boxer so stupid that she doesn't understand that these amendments are opposed to one another? Or is she owned (like the rest of the Senators pretending to be afraid of drugs reimported from Canada) by the pharmaceutical industry and just tyring to hide it? ("Hey, I voted for that amendment"!)

    Hey, 19 Billion in government savings and untold billions in U.S. Citizen savings, that's not important right, not compared to the terrible risk that comes from getting drugs made in.... oh wait, they are made here.

    Scumbags and Morons. They can't get the simplest, most obvious cases right, and yet you have hope for them fixing the entirety of health care.

    I'm afraid there is no hope on that front.


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